About Us

The Ecordia Manifesto

Ecordia is founded on a set of principles based on the beliefs and experiences of Daniel Reiling and Sean Jackson.

We are selective

We work with clients that are committed to getting results, appreciate quality work, are flexible, available to communicate with us, and respect of our effort.

Deliver quality

We take pride in delivering quality work to our clients, spending the time and resources to get it right.

Results matter

We only work on projects where we can achieve results for our clients.

We love to collaborate

We work in tandem with you as an integral part of your team’s efforts. We are not a contract developer shop!

We are tools & code agnostic

We use the best tools and techniques to solve problems, regardless of what they are.

The user is the customer

We focus on creating the best experience for the end-customer of any app we create.

We are professionals

We bring a high level of quality, integrity, and professionalism to our work for clients.

Simplicity is best

We work to provide simple solutions to complex problems by focusing on the user experience.

Daniel Reiling

Solutions Engineer & Developer
CTO & Co-Founder

Sean Jackson

Solutions Architecture & Service
CEO & Co-Founder