Our Guarantee

6 Month Guarantee

We stand by the quality of the work we deliver to you.

No Bugs

If you find a bug in the code we deliver to you, then we will fix it, for free.

On-going Compatibility

If the platform your app is running on removes or changes a feature, we will make your app compatible with that change, for free.

Security Updates

If a security certificate or access point expires, we will update the certificate, for free.

Access To Code

We will provide online access to the code and files we create for you, for free.

The Details

We are committed to delivering the highest quality apps to our clients and provide the following 6-month warranty guarantee once your project has been paid for and delivered:

  • If the code we deliver for your project does not operate according to the specifications of the project, we will correct the issue at no additional cost to you; provided we are able to replicate the issue.
  • In the event a feature is removed or changed in the functionality of the iOS or Android operating system and causes your app to no longer work, we will correct the issue in the code for free.
  • If your app uses a security certificate or access token that has expired, we will update that certificate at no additional cost.
  • We will provide online access to all the code and files provided to you for your project.

The following conditions are not covered under the warranty guarantee.

  • A 3rd party component or external library code used in your project changes or is no longer compatible with your app.
  • New phone models that are not compatible with your app or phone models and operating systems older than 3 years.

Finally, if any changes are made to the code or project files delivered to you, then the entire warranty guarantee is invalidated.