Betweened (Mobile App)

TikTok" style video content app targetted towards teaching children how to use social media responsibly

Project Overview

Our approach & solutioning

Client Need

Understanding the enormity of teaching children to navigate social media responsibly, a visionary entrepreneur enlisted Ecordia Studios to develop a groundbreaking mobile application. Chosen for pir innovative approach, Ecordia was tasked with creating the foundational MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for 'betweened'.

Our Solution

Developing a child-friendly social media mobile application brought with it a unique set of challenges, all of which Ecordia embraced with strategic planning and technical prowess; including Enhanced In-App Video Performance, Robust Backend Web Content Management System, and COPPA-Compliant Parental Verification.


\The 'betweened' app emerged as a highlight at the 2023 TechCrunch Battlefield in San Francisco. Distinctive among 200 contenders, 'betweened' was showcased as a top 20 finalist, marking a significant milestone for the app's public reception and industry recognition.


The journey to creating 'betweened' reaffirms Ecordia's capacity to navigate the intricacies of social media application development. From crafting intuitive user interfaces to ensuring engaging content delivery, Ecordia transforms entrepreneurs’ visions into impactful realities.

Project Showcase

Impactful work for our client

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Some key takeaways


Innovative Child-Friendly Social Media App

'betweened' represents a groundbreaking development in child-friendly social media, uniquely designed to teach tweens how to navigate the digital world responsibly.

Enhanced In-App Video Performance & Robust Backend System

The app features enhanced in-app video capabilities and a robust backend web content management system, demonstrating Ecordia's technical excellence and commitment to quality user experience.

COPPA-Compliant Parental Verification

Prioritizing child safety, 'betweened' incorporates COPPA-compliant parental verification processes, ensuring a secure and age-appropriate environment for its young users.

Top 20 Finalist at TechCrunch Battlefield 2023

Gaining significant industry recognition, 'betweened' emerged as a standout among 200 contenders at the 2023 TechCrunch Battlefield in San Francisco, being selected as a top 20 finalist.

Transformation of Vision into Impactful Reality

The project showcases Ecordia's ability to turn entrepreneurial visions into impactful realities, highlighting their expertise in crafting intuitive user interfaces and delivering engaging content.

Our Work

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