Scribe SEO WordPress Plugin

A robust SEO plugin integrated into WordPress.

Project Overview

Our approach & solutioning

Client Need

A robust SEO tool integrated into WordPress to help bloggers optimize their content for search engines, using advanced machine learning and analytic features.

Our Solution

We developed Scribe SEO, a pioneering SEO WordPress plugin that utilizes machine learning to review and suggest improvements for content discoverability on search engines. Our patented algorithm identifies key content phrases and provides actionable recommendations to the author for improved search engine indexing.
The plugin extends its utility with a suite of analytical features, comparing new content with existing work on the site to assess alignment and overall coherence. Additionally, Scribe SEO provides an analysis of content keywords, ranking them, and revealing high-ranking pages on the web for the same keywords, aiding bloggers in identifying related sites and potential networking opportunities.


Scribe SEO has transformed the blogging landscape, making search engine optimization a breeze for bloggers. With its advanced machine learning, analytic capabilities, and intuitive user interface, it has empowered bloggers to enhance their content discoverability and build stronger online networks.


Our team is adept at leveraging cutting-edge technology to develop smart, user-centric solutions that drive success. As demonstrated with Scribe SEO, we can transform complex challenges into simple, intuitive tools that deliver exceptional results.

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Our Work

Impactful work for our clients

Thinkers App (AI)

The THINKERS App is a subscription-based  iOS app that makes it easy for users to capture, organize, and collaborate on their  handwritten notes.

Using advanced machine learning for handwriting-to-text recognition, the app maintains a 4.2 star rating and converts 17.80% of free app users into paying app  subscribers.

Weather Fit App

Weather Fit is a subscription iOS weather app that provides a clever way to inform users of what to wear for the weather that day.
This app was featured be the Apple App Store Editors in the coveted “Apps We Love” category.


TikTok" style video content app targetted towards teaching children how to use social media responsibly


This app uses a Bluetooth enabled device to track a users reps and sets when lifting weights.


Tellavet is a telehealth platform for veterinarians. There is a web-based system that the vets use and a mobile app the customer uses. Customers download the mobile app and are able to schedule an appointment to talk with a vet immediately.

Jonsson Connect App

A mobile app for the Jonsson Engineering School students at the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) to view events, job openings, and enable check-in to events to earn points towards prizes and merchandise. The app was required to be compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

UT Dallas WatchOS App

A dedicated Apple Watch application for students at the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas), offering real-time updates on campus restaurants, parking availability, and access to emergency campus support numbers.

WeatherFit Widgets

Development of iOS widgets for the WeatherFit app that display the current weather conditions and recommend suitable clothing for those conditions.

Champion App

A user-friendly mobile app for iOS and Android platforms to help non-profit organizations showcase their cause, facilitate user engagement, and promote quick action support from users.


A comprehensive digital solution for monitoring and controlling electric off-road bikes.


A comprehensive digital solution for adding and managing content on NFC tags.


A comprehensive note-taking app that seamlessly transitions between phone and web.

The Proxus App

A mobile app to enhance the safety and connectivity of hikers and bikers on trails. The app needed to detect nearby individuals and alert when someone from the group strays too far.