Tellavet (Mobile + Web)

Tellavet is a telehealth platform for veterinarians. There is a web-based system that the vets use and a mobile app the customer uses. Customers download the mobile app and are able to schedule an appointment to talk with a vet immediately.

Project Overview

Our approach & solutioning

Client Need

Picture this: a seamless, accessible telehealth service that connects pet owners with veterinarians at a moment's notice. Dr. Isaac envisioned such a platform to revolutionize veterinary care, providing flexibility for veterinarians and immediate support for pet health concerns. But to turn this innovative concept into a digital solution, he needed a partner with technical expertise and a trustworthy development pedigree.

Enter Ecordia Studios.

Our Solution

Ecordia kicked off with an in-depth discovery phase, where we aligned Dr. Isaac's vision with the technical roadmap required to bring it to life. We meticulously crafted the user experience journey, detailing every touchpoint between veterinarians and pet owners.With the blueprint in hand, we sculpted a user interface that's both intuitive and engaging and proceeded to construct a robust mobile and web application tailored to the needs of a telehealth service.The journey was met with its fair share of complex challenges:

  • Engineering a responsive video conferencing tool that worked flawlessly across mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Designing a seamless appointment scheduling mechanism that worked in tandem with the video service.
  • Embedding a streamlined payment system to ensure veterinarians could manage their rates and receive payments swiftly.

Ecordia rose to the occasion, solving these technical hurdles with aplomb.


Over four months, Dr. Isaac and Ecordia maintained a synergy that was instrumental in driving the project forward. Using Ecordia’s Rapid Application Development framework, we ensured the project was laser-focused on delivering results without cost overruns or unwelcome delays.


Bringing a product from concept to launch is no mean feat. It demands dedication, technical finesse, and a partnership built on trust. Dr. Isaac’s expertise in veterinary medicine, combined with Ecordia’s prowess in mobile and application development, manifested in a telehealth platform that surpassed expectations.

Are you ready to make your digital vision a reality? Partner with Ecordia and watch us channel your expertise into an exceptional digital solution, just like we did for Dr. Isaac.

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Our Work

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