The Proxus App

A mobile app to enhance the safety and connectivity of hikers and bikers on trails. The app needed to detect nearby individuals and alert when someone from the group strays too far.

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Project Overview

Our approach & solutioning

Client Need

A mobile app to enhance the safety and connectivity of hikers and bikers on trails. The app needed to detect nearby individuals and alert when someone from the group strays too far.

Our Solution

Using state-of-the-art BLE technology, we developed Proxus - a user-friendly and safety-focused app. The app continuously scans for other devices on the trail, alerting users of their proximity to foster safe distances and prevent unexpected encounters. Additionally, it keeps tabs on group dynamics, issuing a warning when a member strays too far, ensuring no one gets lost.


Proxus has transformed the outdoor adventure experience by increasing user safety, connectivity, and peace of mind. By preventing surprise encounters and lost group members, the app has helped create a more secure and enjoyable outdoor experience for its users.


Our team can leverage technology to build intuitive and safety-oriented apps tailored to your specific needs. Trust us with your project, and we'll deliver a solution that elevates user experience, just like we did with Proxus.

Project Showcase

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Some key takeaways


Outdoor-Optimized User Interface

Proxus has been designed with an interface that's perfect for the outdoors. It's intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate, even under the challenging conditions of an outdoor adventure.

Real-time Proximity Alerts

The app utilizes cutting-edge BLE technology to scan for nearby devices, alerting users in real-time about the presence of other hikers or bikers, ensuring safe distances and minimizing unexpected encounters.

Group Location Tracking

Proxus enhances group adventures with its effective tracking feature. Should a member venture too far, the app sends out an immediate alert, ensuring everyone remains safe and connected.

Seamless Outdoor Connectivity

Proxus shines in environments where many apps falter. Its robust functionality keeps users in touch with their group and their surroundings, even in remote or off-grid locations.

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